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Jexaw laser-powered bottom shaver

Jexaw laser-powered bottom shaver

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Smooth & Confident: Laser-Powered Bottom Shaver for Men!

Experience the epitome of smoothness with our laser-powered bottom shaver. Say goodbye to irritation and hello to precision grooming. Our shaver's advanced laser technology ensures a flawless shave every time. Easy to use, hygienic, and built to last, it's the ultimate grooming essential for the modern man. Say hello to confidence and goodbye to discomfort!

Reaching back there with a razor can be quite the challenge, it's time to upgrade your grooming routine with Bumzzy. Effortlessly tackle those tricky blind spots, delivering a skin close shave without the hassle. Featuring six blades and maximum coverage, it contours perfectly to your body, making quick work of shaving your bum, legs, chest, and beyond! Try now 30 days risk free.

No more nicks, cuts, or razor-burn

Bumzzy brings together the safety of a trimmer and the skin-close shave of a razor in one handy design, ensuring a super close shave without any cuts or irritation

Waterproof & mess free

It's waterproof and collects the hairs, use it in the shower with no mess or fuzzies all over the place.

Lasts a long time

Charge for a few hours, then use it for a month on a single charge.

Ergonomic design

With an easy grip and blades that contour to your body shape, you can comfortably shave those tricky blind spots.

Easy prep time

Whether you just want to shave your cheeks, in-between, or your entire body, Bumzzy's six blades and maximum coverage ensure a speedy shave, wet or dry!

our mission:

Making life easier

one bum at a time

Shaving your bum can quite literally be a pain in the ass. But you're not alone, keeping your peach smooth has been a real struggle for us gay men. That's why we created a shaving device designed to keep your derriere into tip-top shape. Forget the fear of going down there with a regular razor or the irritation (in some cases even scars) a hair removal cream can cause. Our goal is to make life just a little easier for us gays or anyone who likes to stay smooth!

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